Where Kids Connect with Christ

Kid Zone at Unity is a vital part of our mission venture.  We believe that teaching and equipping children to know the truth of God's Word.


  • SUNDAY MINISTRIES  - (All kids must be checked-in at the check-in window and picked up by the                                                                           parent/guardian that checked them in!)

                     KID ZONE BIBLE STUDY (9 AM)

                                     KID ZONE Sunday morning is a time for bed babies to 5th grade to be ministered to in an environment, nurtured in a                                               safe, caring grace and Scripture focused.  Our curriculum is apologetically "gospel-centered."  Likewise we take                                                         intentional steps to bring age appropriate "Bible Truths" to remember.  Each month they have an new "Bible Truth" they                                         memorized.

                     ELEVATE JR. (10:30 AM)

                                     Is our extended KID ZONE for our preschoolers.  It is during this time while Mom and Dad are worshiping in the worship                                       center, their preschoolers are worshiping and praise God on their level .

                     ELEVATE  (10:30 AM)

                                     Is our extended KID ZONE for our grade school kids (through 5th grade).  The worship experience follows their focus in                                         KID ZONE Bible study with an emphasis on singing and see how God's Word brings all who believe to "Connect with                                               Christ Jesus."  

                                     The FIRST SUNDAY of each month is FAMILY WORSHIP SUNDAY, there isn't ELEVATE on this Sunday, so that families                                           can have a time to worship together in the worship center.


                     AWANA MINISTRY   ( 6 PM - 8 PM)

                                      AWANA provides a consistent ministry (great for families involved in AWANA before moving to our area) to reach kids                                            with a "Scripture-rich" environment with the goal of leading them to connect with Christ Jesus.  

                                      Puggles:  teach 2 and 3 year olds biblical truths and equipping parents to team these truths at home.

                                      Cubbies: teach 3 to 5 year olds by nurturing an age appropriate understanding and respect for God, His Son Christ Jesus                                                          and His Word (The Bible).

                                      Sparkes: seeks to increase the curiosity of early elementary age kids (K-2nd grade) by teaching them about the people                                                            and happenings in the Bible.  The goal is to build a solid biblical foundation for connecting with Christ as Savior                                                        and Lord.

                                                      Sparks is divided into three years, each with a unique rank"  HangGlider, WingRunner and SkyStormer.  Each                                                              club year the Sparks clubbers..

                                                               1.  explore the biographies of people of the Bible

                                                               2.  memorize Bible verses

                                                               3.  complete handbook activities

                                      Truth & Training (T&T):  seeks to bring 3rd through 5th graders to Christ as well as disciple those already following Christ                                                         as their Savior and Lord.  T&T clubs are in transition by the AWANA headquarters, but the emphasis for being                                                           on mission for Christ, through working through handbook sections and memorizing Scripture is still a core part                                                         of T & T clubs.