Unity's Adult Ministries

At Unity we see all of our adult ministries working towards the same destination, nurturing discipleship as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.  However, in light of that destination, Unity provides a wide variety of opportunities to follow God's will for our lives and grow in

Christ-likeness (Romans 8:29).  Take a moment to view these opportunities below.

LIFE Groups

LIFE groups are small community groups with purpose.  Often small groups gather for primarily fellowship within the group or in a more class room environment.  LIFE groups do neither but do more.  In each LIFE group their is community - groups nurturing followship of Jesus Christ, together. LIFE groups meet weekly on Sunday morning at 9 AM or some during other times of the week.

                       FIND A LIFE GROUP HERE.

digging deeper adult bible study

At Unity we know not everyone is ready to dig deeper into God's Word than what a LIFE Group may offer.  The DIGGING DEEPER Bible study is a slower and methodical approach to searching out those priceless truths of God's Word that require a deeper look than what is on the surface of the text alone.  The DIGGING DEEPER Bible study takes the text within its context and examined through a Biblical theological filter, then applied to Christ's disciple's spiritual growth.

DIGGING DEEPER meets Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Room # A-105

CURRENT STUDY:  Christology

UPCOMING STUDY: The Book of Genesis

    UBC  Women of the Word

Our Ladies' Ministry aims to

1. Encourage women to grow in their relationship with their Heavenly Father through Bible study and Scripture  memorization

2. Foster closer relationships with each other during fellowship meals and a prayer partner program.

3. Provide outreach opportunities by partnering with local and global ministries.

Every other month Women of the Word meet for a fellowship meal, devotion and time of prayer. The ministry opportunities are provided during the “off months” and include Operation Christmas Child, Sole Hope, Nursing Home Visitation, Methodist Children's Home, and KidZone Preschool

UBC Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry is purposed by the commands of  Titus 2:1-2, 6-8 (3 Es). This text tell's us we're to faithfully ENGAGE men (young and older) through ENCOURAGING fellowship and mentoring so that each man may be EQUIPPED as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, that in turn passes on what he has been equipped to do.  Be a disciple that makes a disciple.


It is clear there is a "biblical mandate" given to the Church by Christ Jesus to make disciples - followers of Christ Jesus.  At Unity we seek to take intentional measures towards "making disciples of all peoples."  Each D (disciple) Group is made up of 3 to 5 men or 3 to 5 women.  They make a covenant to meet weekly for 12 months and walk together in learning about Christ Jesus, about being His disciple and what one must do to genuinely grow as His follower.  If you would like more information on this life challenging journey, contact

Pastor Lewis.