Unity Students

            GOAL: To develop disciples who live for God's Glory while they enjoy Him and lead others to become disciples.


STRATEGYLeading students to know intellectually, emotionally and experientially four aspects of being a Christ Follower:  

KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE: Doctrine. A solid understanding of one's beliefs provides confidence to meet challenges in life and succeed. Wavering beliefs cause confusion and poor choices when life presents hard decisions.   

KNOW WHY YOU BELIEVE: Apologetics. Today's culture no longer respects Christians and will challenge faith at every opportunity.  Because Christianity is true, it has real answers and explanations for tough questions. Christ followers who have engaged these answers can remain faithful and true.     

  KNOW WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST: Spiritual life and position. Few modern Christians appreciate spiritual life, disciplines and their position and power in Christ. Thus many end up shipwrecked in life and fail to faithfully live out God's plan for their life.  

KNOW HOW TO SHARE: Evangelism. Jesus' final command while on earth was to make disciples. Not only is making disciples basic obedience but it's also a growth experience. Assisting others to grow in Christ helps spurs growth.   



Life Groups Sun Morning 9 AM: A typical Life group session will involve hang-out time, a large group gathering for announcements, lesson introduction, and age-based small groups then discuss the given lesson.   

Pursuit Wed Evening 6-8: Hang-out time starts at 6pm.  Pursuit officially starts at 6:30PM.   Typically starting off with a short time of fun, games and announcements, followed by a time of praise and worship with music and a lesson.   

Events: Events are designed for students to know experientially aspects of Christian life.   Sometimes these events build relationship in the group.   Sometimes they place students a bit outside of their comfort zone.